Is Angel Locsin’s ‘disgusting’ comment addressed to Jane De Leon?


After would-be Darna Jane De Leon released a statement on why she did not join any street protest on ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal issue, Angel Locsin took to social media to share her sentiments on the matter. 

In an Instagram story posted on July 20, Angel said that while a person does not need to go out to lend their voice for the voiceless, making up an excuse to save face is “purely disgusting.”

“No one asked you to go to a rally. Obviously, you don’t need to go out to your voice for the voiceless. But making up an excuse to save face at the expense of those who are fighting for their lives is purely disgusting,” she said. 

Though she did not mention any names in her post, netizens were quick to assume Angel was criticizing the young actress’ explanation for not attending the noise barrage rallies held in support of ABS-CBN workers.

Prior to her Instagram post, Angel called out her fellow actors who stayed silent on their home network’s franchise denial. 

“Sa mga kapwa kong artista na di nagsasalita, ano, may career pa ba kayo? Wala na! Wala na kayong network! Kahit magpa-cute kayo dyan sa Instagram, mag-send kayo ng mga sad face, hindi niyo nadadamayan ang mga katrabaho niyo na dahilan kung bakit kayo sumikat,” she said. 

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On Monday, Jane released a statement expressing that her support for her home network is not only measured by going out in the streets. She then reminded the public of the “bigger picture” that everyone is still at risk of getting infected by the coronavirus disease. 

“Dadagdag pa ba tayo sa lumolobong bilang at patuloy na pagtaas ng COVID cases sa ating Bansa?” she asked. 

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After her posting her controversial statement, netizens compared Jane to Angel in “Darna vs. Darna” memes and posts.

Jane was cast last year as the lead of Star Cinema’s upcoming Darna film, but Angel continues to be identified with the iconic superhero role, which she played in a GMA series back in 2005.


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