Nadine Lustre says news about her grocery shopping ‘unnecessary’


Nadine Lustre said she didn’t get why photos of her going out for a grocery run landed in the news, noting that it was a normal thing that people do.

Last week, the Kapamilya actress became the talk of the town after photos of her lining up at a supermarket surfaced online. 

In a Facebook live interview with TV-radio host Tim Yap on April 16, Nadine shared her thoughts on the grocery news about her.

“I honestly thought that was unnecessary kasi there’s so much stuff happening. Like, why? I didn’t understand why I was on the news for going to the grocery. I mean, it’s something that normal people would do, like go to the grocery store and buy all the essentials, buy all the stuff that you need,” said Nadine. 

She said that she’s the kind of person who likes to do things on her own. 

“Me kasi I like doing things for myself. I’m just that kind of person. I like running errands, I like doing chores. Like watering the plants, washing the dishes, I love doing those things and I’ve been cooking a lot.” 

She added, “I need to be the one to go to the grocery to get all the stuff that I need (because) sometimes what I put on my list isn’t complete. For example, Ate Mari, my assistant, I would ask her to go to the grocery but then I forgot to put one thing on the list so I can’t cook what I wanted to cook kasi kulang yung ingredients, I’d rather go by myself.”

Asked how she’s coping with the enhanced community quarantine imposed amid the COVID-19 crisis, Nadine shared that she’s been writing everyday and a lot. 

“That’s one thing that I couldn’t do (before) because I was always working, always out of the house. So, this time, I have a lot of time to gather my thoughts and think about how I really feel and bring out the emotions, and the things that have happened.” 

“I’ve reflected about a lot of stuff already. Basta ang dami, like self-realizations. Then I still haven’t started reading a book. But I have been watching documentaries,” she added.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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