‘Furry Valentine’: Animal lovers go on a date with rescued horses from Taal 


In an effort to help raise funds for the rescued Taal horses, Philippine Animal Welfare Society launched the #PAWSFurstDate Taal edition on February 12 and 13. 

Forty-four rescued horses from the Taal Volcano eruption became the Valentine’s dates of some animal lovers. 

The date fee was priced at “P1,000 per person excluding transportation expenses which will be divided among the number of guests that day.” 

Proceeds from the initiative will go to the PAWS horses rehabilitation fund. 

Activities from the two-day event include grooming and spending time with the rescued horses. 

On its Facebook page, PAWS shared a video of the guests having a good time with the horses. 

The post read: “Our guests today enjoyed learning about the story of horses rescued from the volcano eruption last month. Today they learned how to properly approach, groom, and feed rescued horses. They also got to spend time bonding with their very special date.” 

Horses and other animals were among the most affected by the sudden Taal eruption last January. 

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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