Here’s how Coleen Garcia breastfeeds in public


First-time mom Coleen Garcia shared the “expectation vs. reality” of nursing her baby in a public place. 

On Instagram, the actress shared how breastfeeding out in the open can make it seem like she and her baby boy Amari have their own little club.  

Her caption read: “Nursing in a public place: Expectation vs. Reality. We have our own little club here.”  

In the first photo, Coleen smiled at the camera with her black cover-up over her and Amari. The next pic showed the reality of breastfeeding as she hid with her baby under the cover-up to check on him.  

Coleen and her husband Billy Crawford spent some time away from the city with a quick beach getaway to La Union.  

In a past Instagram post, she showed how her body was when she was only three months pregnant to now that she finally has Amari with her.  

Her followers on the platform praised her for her fit mom bod throughout her pregnancy journey.  

“The last time we were here was when I was three months pregnant (second photo), and on that same trip (in the same bathroom), we found out that for the first time, the baby in my belly was going to be a boy,” she said.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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