Isabelle Daza writes children’s book about her Yaya Luning


Isabelle Daza wrote a very special children’s book inspired by her experiences with her beloved Yaya Luning.  

On her Instagram stories, she shared several posts about the book which she said was an autobiography of her life.  

“I want to come from the point of view of someone who grew up with a yaya,” she wrote.  

She said her work explains the dynamics of having a house help in their homes and how they do not replace the role of childrens’ parents.  

“I know a lot of moms feel guilt or shame when the child chooses the yaya/nanny over them sometimes,” she said.  

The celebrity mom explained that her story gives dignity to nannies who selflessly dedicated their lives taking care of children.  

In 2018, Isabelle also made the news for drawing up employment contracts for her kasambahays where she detailed their rights, including eight-hour breaks, sick leaves, days-off and benefits, as covered by the provisions in the Domestic Workers Act or Republic Act 10361.

Meanwhile, Isabelle shared that she’s planning on publishing the book and asked her followers if they would buy one for themselves.  

Back in April, Isabelle created an animated children’s story for her son Baltie. It was meant to explain the COVID-19 pandemic to children.  

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Rossane Ramos
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