Barbie Almalbis opens up on husband Martin Honasan’s battle with COVID-19


OPM singer-songwriter Barbie Almalbis took to social media to share how her husband, Martin Honasan, battled with COVID-19.  

In an Instagram post, she featured her “outfit of the week,” a full personal protective equipment (PPE) suit that she had to wear while taking care of her husband who was confined at the hospital for COVID-19 complications.  

“We are still not sure how he got the virus, maybe from one of our recent hospital visits, or from someone in our bubble who was asymptomatic,” she started.  

She then explained that she is sharing her testimony from “one of the hardest months we’ve ever had, a faith-stretching season that brought us to our knees many times” to show how God gave them peace during this time.  

Barbie said that on the day Martin (son of former Sen. Gringo Honasan) tested positive for the virus, he was reading a Bible verse from Chronicles 2:20.  

“One night, it was difficult and sometimes painful for him to breathe, and he felt fuzzy and confused from a nine-day fever and dehydration. He was feeling scared and we mentioned it to our nurse.  

“She gently tapped him on the shoulder and said, ‘Don’t worry, Sir Martin. God is with you,’” she shared.  

After this inspiring interaction, Barbie shared that Martin recovered quickly and was able to go home a few days after.  

She then thanked the doctors, nurses and their family who all helped them as they went through that difficult time.  

“We praise God for all He has done, and for making himself known to us even more through this,” she ended.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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