Heart Evangelista shares Chiz Escudero’s advice to ease her ‘bad episode of anxiety’


After what Heart Evangelista described as a “bad episode of anxiety”, she shared online her husband Chiz Escudero’s wise words to help ease her mind.  

In a series of Instagram stories where the actress asked for guidance regarding her fears, the Sorsogon governor talked about how even in times of difficulty, Heart relies on herself 90 percent of the time.  

“90 percent of the time, you’re relying on yourself. Why? Your friends are also suffering from fatigue,” he said.  

Chiz continued to add that if she relies on her friends for even the smallest concerns, she might tire them out.  

“They will suffer from fatigue too and when you need them the most, they might not be there because they will suffer from fatigue already,” he explained.  

He then encouraged his wife that she can change her mindset with just her faith in God.  

After sharing his thoughts, Heart managed to joke and asked him why he was “bashing” her.  

Heart shared a photo of her and Chiz embracing. Her caption read: “Blessed to have you.” 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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