Ellen Adarna walks for 26 hours in Bali to ‘strengthen will and courage’


Ellen Adarna took on a grueling 26-hour walking challenge in Bali, Indonesia to strengthen her will and courage. 

The actress shared her journey on her Instagram stories where she also explained why she had to go through the activity. 

“That exercise was to strengthen my will and courage — need that in life, you have to exercise that muscle and also I kept my word to finish what I started,” she said. 

When her followers asked her how she prepared for her 115 kilometer walk, she revealed that the strenuous task required mental preparation rather than physical. 

“It was mind over matter and I had to deal with a lot of emotions. I was frustrated, I was angry, I was questioning myself but also at some point, I was feeling happy and content but it was a long walk so all these things come and go,” she said. 

The mother of one also shared that during the process, her right leg shut down. Despite being in pain, she said she was committed and wanted to finish the challenge. 

“It was a vicious cycle. I just had to make sure and I had to be aware of my emotions and prepared myself to channel them right and productively when I’m faced with all these emotions,” said Ellen. 

Last March, Ellen endured a 14-day mental training in Bali. She decided to go through with the training so that she could no longer be a “prisoner in her own mind.”

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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