Andi Eigenmann opens up on how different her pregnancy is with third baby


Soon-to-be mother of three Andi Eigenmann opened up on how her pregnancy this time around is so much different from when she was carrying her second child Lilo. 

The actress took to social media to share how reminiscing her past pregnancy made it seem like the summer of 2019 was so long ago. 

“I remember being so excited to take a new photo of my growing belly every week, sharing updates on here and happily reading your comments and stories that reassure me that I am not alone,” she wrote along with a recent photo of her baby bump.

Now 30 weeks into her third pregnancy, Andi said that the urgency to take baby bump pics are long gone and she would only take them before “it’s too late.”

“Feels odd, but I’d really like to look back on this time with our youngest to come, to show that s/he was our main source of hope and strength that allowed us to find the silver lining no matter how dark these times have been,” she said. 

In a past post wherein she was supposed to mark her 29th week of pregnancy, she showcased instead the many wacky faces her baby girl Lilo can do. 

Andi and her surfer partner Philmar Alipayo announced that they are expecting the newest addition to their growing family in August. 

Andi’s third child and her second with Philmar will be due in 2021.
Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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