Ellen Adarna gives herself this pep talk after having travel anxiety


Ellen Adarna got super candid as she spoke about coping with her anxious feelings. Her advice to self — which others can also learn from — came after she opened up about how stressful travelling is.

The Cebuana actress did not specify where she would be travelling to, but she lamented the difficulties of going on a trip during this time when she would rather stay at home. 

“This quarantine made me realize that I’m a creature of habit. I do not like change, I like my routine, I love my routine. And now that all my papers and travel documents and requirements are complete, I don’t want to leave,” she admitted.

Ellen even asked what is wrong with her after sharing that she just wants to stay home instead. 

“This is my anxiety talking,” she said. “But, I’m just going to ride this out because it’s just a feeling and it will pass. If you can’t tame the horse, might as well enjoy the ride.”

In March, Ellen revealed that she endured a gruelling 14-day mental training in Bali, Indonesia. She made the revelation on her Instagram stories, which showed a series of clips from her training. 

She said she decided to go through with the training so that she could no longer be a “prisoner in her own mind.”

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Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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