Sorsogon bet withdraws from Miss Universe Phl after battle with COVID-19


Sorsogon City’s Miss Universe Philippines (MUP) candidate Maria Isabela Galeria has announced her withdrawal from the pageant after her battle with COVID-19.

She made her announcement on her Instagram page on Thursday, October 15.

“As you may all know, I tested positive for COVID-19,” she started. 

The 21-year-old model said while her symptoms were all bearable and didn’t progress to anything severe, she developed rashes with extreme itchiness and dry skin. 

She was supposed to be cleared from the illness by October 8 but she was still showing symptoms. On October 11, the Sorsogon beauty and her father were declared as COVID-19 survivors. 

Isabela, however, announced that it is not the right time to continue on with the competition as her body is still recuperating. 

“I’m forever grateful to each of you who invested so much time and effort in helping me through this journey; however, even with a strong will to fight, my body is not well-conditioned yet,” she revealed. 

“I hope you understand this is something beyond my control. I’ve thought hard and cried for so many nights about this. I have the willpower but my body is not cooperating,” she added.  

In the Instagram post where she announced she tested positive for COVID-19, Isabela apologized to those she was in close contact with when she was in Manila. 

Recently, the MUP announced it will be filming the preliminary interview, national costume, swimsuit and evening gown, and the coronation night in Baguio City.
Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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