Jessy Mendiola reaches out to fan who asked for self-love advice


Actress and TV host Jessy Mendiola reached out to a fan who sought her advice on loving herself better. 

Jessy’s Instagram post is a selfie showing her bare face as she works out. A fan left a comment, opening up that she is having a hard time loving herself again.

The fan’s comment read: “Ms. Jessy, I’ve been watching your vlogs. Hope you can make a vlog about how you overcome your depression and paano kayo nag-start mag-diet… I’m having a hard time loving myself again and I look up to you for fitspiration. God bless.”

The Fit for Life host sympathized with her fan and shared that she has experienced the same struggle. 

“Sometimes, we think that loving ourselves is the hardest thing to do but in reality it shouldn’t be. It took me a long time to accept myself for who I am and I’m still working on it now,” said Jessy. 

She advised that the most important thing to do right now is to start her journey towards loving herself so that everything else will follow. 

“Minsan kailangan mo lang talagang mahalin sarili mo kahit saan ka pang estado ng buhay mo kahit pa dahan dahan yan, kasi kapag nawala ang lahat yan lang ang meron ka. Pagmamahal sa sarili mo at pagmamahal ng Diyos sayo,” she said. 

Jessy responded to another fan who asked how someone like her could still have insecurities. 

“Wala namang perfect. Sa totoo lang unless mag ayos ako o ayusan ako hindi naman talaga ako nagagandahan sa sarili ko. I guess ganon talaga kapag sarili mo na, may insecurities talaga tayong lahat,” she said. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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