Coleen Garcia, Billy Crawford’s attempt at a fierce photoshoot gets photobombed by baby Amari


Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford’s fierce snaps turned adorable when their baby boy Amari photobombed their couple photoshoot. 

The actress poked fun at the moments they had during her and her husband’s shoot on a social media post. 

“Things change when you have a kid,” she joked. 

In the first photo on the set, it was just the lovebirds posing for the camera. The next snaps showed baby Amari running to his parents and joining their shoot. 

One photo even captured, their baby boy showing off his bum while his mom and dad posed. 

In the comments section, their fellow celebrity parents such as Kryz Uy and Iya Villania couldn’t help but express their laughs for the post. 

Coleen and Billy welcomed their baby boy back in September of 2020 through a water birth. 

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Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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