Arjo Atayde’s camp issues statement after Baguio mayor says actor and his team breached COVID-19 protocols


Arjo Atayde’s production outfit Feelmaking Productions, Inc. has confirmed that the actor and nine others in their team have tested positive for COVID-19 while shooting for a new film in Baguio City.  

In their official statement, they disclosed that the actor was suffering from high fever, headaches and difficulty breathing. 

Due to his pre-existing medical condition, the film production company and his parents agreed to rush Arjo to a hospital in Manila on August 17. 

They also stated that the nine other individuals in their production team are asymptomatic and in quarantine.  

“The Atayde family has reached out to mayor Benjamin Magalong and we assure him and the people of Baguio that we will comply with our commitments to the City. We are grateful for the opportunity to shoot in their beautiful city and apologize for whatever inconvenience that this unfortunate incident may have caused,” they said in the statement.  

Baguio city’s public information office earlier released a statement informing the public that the mayor has ordered an investigation on the matter.

It stated that Arjo’s group, composed of 100 people, has been staying in the city to film since last month. 

Mayor Magalong said that their group was allowed to film in the city as long as they follow the health and safety protocols of Baguio. He said that their team did not maintain a “bubble”.  

“However, we found out that there were instances where crew members go home and come back to the city without passing through our triage so they are not tested,” he said.

The mayor added: “For some reason, Mr. Atayde left his group yesterday (Monday) without informing us although I’m trying to reach out to him to instruct him on what to do with his group left in the city.”

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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