WATCH: Gabbi Garcia gets her first car


Gabbi Garcia’s first vlog of 2021 featured the moment she got her very own car.  

From picking up her car to practice driving around her village, the 22-year-old shared her firsts with her big buy. 

In her vlog, she explained that she has already bought a car for work in the past but it was not a sentimental purchase because it was not for her personal use.  

“Ito kasi iba yung tama nito kasi I was part of the whole process as in my parents let me choose what car I want,” she explained.  

Gabbi also shared that she will not be driving her new car for the meantime since she has to pass her father’s own driving test for her.  

“Nag-aral din ako sa driving school. It’s just that my dad sobrang safety conscious siya so he wants me to pass muna sa kanya and it’s harder than the actual driving test,” she said. 

The actress then gushed that her new car, which she has been dreaming of for over a year, will be used for “self-fulfilment.” 

Watch Gabbi’s life update vlog here: 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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