LOOK: Gabbi Garcia gets inked in California 


Gabbi Garcia’s US adventure is definitely one for the books! 

The actress recently revealed the meaning behind the cute and dainty tattoos she got in California.  

“And then she blooms like a flower,” she wrote in her caption, along with a snap of her new ink – a blooming narcissus flower.  

She shared her ankle tattoo is a symbol of “new beginnings, rebirth, renewal, optimism, grace, inspiration and self-love.” 

On her Instagram post, Gabbi shared that she was inked at a shop in Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles.  

The Kapuso star is currently in the United States with her boyfriend Khalil Ramos. In a past social media post, she expressed her gratitude to her parents who allowed her to have her first-ever long vacation without them.  

“I’m blessed to have parents who are allowing me to grow on my own. Thank you for trusting me,” she wrote in the caption.  

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Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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