Is Assunta de Rossi’s ‘miracle baby’ a girl?


Soon-to-be mom Assunta de Rossi dropped hints on her first baby’s gender on social media. 

The actress updated her followers on Instagram that she has two weeks left before entering her first trimester. 

In a post on Monday, she shared a snapshot of her congenital anomaly scan showing that all is well with her baby.

“Hang in there, coccolina (Italian for ‘the cuddly one’)! This is a snap from my congenital anomaly scan, and I couldn’t be more grateful that everything’s good and normal and I pray it stays that way,” she wrote. 

Assunta, hinting her baby with husband Jules Ledesma is a girl, said she will be calling her baby girl Fiore for now.

“For now, I’m gonna call her by her nickname, Fiore (Italian for flower),” she added. 

Assunta is already in her sixth month of pregnancy. 

Early May, she revealed that she is five weeks pregnant with her “miracle baby”. She shared that getting pregnant while dealing with myoma and endometriosis is extremely difficult that only a miracle or medical intervention could make it possible. 


Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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