LOOK: Chesca Kramer dresses up as Sailor Moon for son Gavin’s birthday


Mommy of three Chesca Kramer was so game to keep her son Gavin’s dream birthday party alive. She even dressed up as well-loved anime character Sailor Moon!


Her bunso, seven-year-old Gavin Kramer, celebrated his birthday with an arcade-themed party last Sunday. 

Team Kramer sported their best costumes for Gavin. Chesca dressed up as Sailor Moon, Doug as Guile, Kendra as Lara Croft, Scarlet as Black Widow, and Gavin as Hwoarang. 

On an Instagram post, Chesca revealed they tried extra hard to make it a special party for their “one and only baby boy.”

“Gavin’s world is all about his interest and things that he likes to do,” she explained the party’s theme.

Doug took to Instagram to share his heartfelt message for their baby boy. 

“Papa and Mama will do anything to fulfill your dreams Gavin! You thought about everything you wanted for your 7th bday celebration. Our job was do our best fulfill it and try to fit it in 1 place,” he wrote. 

Gavin turned 7 years old last January 15. He’s the youngest out of Chesca and Doug’s kids. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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