WATCH: Jennylyn Mercado and Dennis Trillo take on the exotic food challenge


Showbiz couple Jennylyn Mercado and Dennis Trillo scoured the streets of Bangkok to take on the exotic street food challenge. 

On the actress’ vlog posted October 14 on her Youtube channel, Dennis explained why they decided to dine on creepy crawlers, scorpions, larvae and crickets.

“Bakit? Exotic street food? Dahil yun yung pinaka-hate ni Jen kainin,” he said. 

The two stopped by a food stand that sells exotic food like insects and worms at Khao San Road night market.

“Iiyak ako talaga. Ayoko to,” Jennylyn said, beginning to feel queasy at the sight of the unusual snacks. 

Still, challenge accepted.

Jennylyn survived and even ate four different critters (including a snake!) at the end of the challenge.

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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