LOOK: Philmar Alipayo surfs ice blue waves

Philmar Alipayo is living the life, riding stunning ice blue waves.  

On Instagram, the champion surfer shared a jaw-dropping photo of him surfing on “fast and hollow waves” in one of Siargao’s popular surf spots, Tuason Point.

“One wave from Tuason this morning,” he wrote.  

Philmar was photographed by a Siargao-based photographer, Oli Bayer.  

In another post, he shared a video of him in action as captured by fellow surfer Christian Araquil.

Video from Instagram/Chepoxz

Philmar currently resides in the island with his “happy island family” with actress-fiancée Andi Eigenmann.  

He and Andi have two kids together — one-year-old Lilo and three-month-old Koa.  

Their family finally welcomed an island boy on January 17.  


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