Francine Diaz recalls taking some harsh words from director: ‘Ang artista dapat matalino, hindi tatanga-tanga’ 


Francine Diaz’s road to stardom wasn’t easy for an artist her age.  

The 18-year-old actress looked back on her humble beginnings, jumping from one audition to another, in an interview with Karen Davila.  

One experience she shared was a challenging audition she went through just before her big break in showbiz.  

Francine recalled her and her mother’s rule that they could only eat once she’s done with an audition so that they could properly save their budget for the day.  

“Natandaan ko, one time, nag-audition kami ni mama para sa serye nila kuya Jericho Rosales. Ang rule namin ni mama, audition muna bago kakain para tipid. So bawal tayo kumain hanggang ‘di pa tapos ang audition kasi yung pamasahe natin tipid lang,” she explained.  

During the audition, Francine admitted she was slow to pick up the director’s instruction that has resulted in some harsh words thrown her way.  

“Syempre, pag gutom parang slow kang mag pick up ng instructions. Hindi nag-wo-work yung brain so parang may sinasabi yung director na hindi ko na-gets kasi syempre gutom naman ako.  

“Binibigay ko naman yung best ko sa audition tapos ang sabi niya: ‘Ang artista dapat matalino, hindi tatanga-tanga,” she recounted.  

The Huwag Kang Mangamba star’s experience didn’t faze her as she joked that she would still come back for auditions even with what the director said.  

Francine recently celebrated her 18th birthday with heavenly snaps to mark the occasion.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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