WATCH: Seve Soriano’s hilarious reaction to Alex Gonzaga telling him, ‘I’m your real mom’


Alex Gonzaga heard plenty of “no’s” from sister Toni Gonzaga’s son Seve Soriano after telling him the “secret” that she is his real mom. 

In a recent TikTok post, the actress/host and vlogger shared a hilarious video of her conversation with her four-year-old nephew about what will happen when he turns five years old. 

“Seve, I’m your real mom. You came from here (tapping her tummy). So when you are five years old, I will get you na sa mommy mo.”

She added, “You are going to call me mama na and then you are going to call your mama Tata, okay?”

Seve right then and there strongly disagreed with Alex, whom he fondly calls Tata: “No. I don’t want Tata. I want Mommy Tin.”

Alex insisted, “No, I’m your mom,” which prompted Seve to run to his mother Toni.

“No! I don’t like Tata to be my mom,” repeated Seve and went on to hug his mom. 

The funny exchange ended up with Alex jumbling her words and telling Seve, “You are my mom!”


Eto na ganti natin sa mga kapatid natin matatanda na binubully tayo noon. Im your mom challenge to your nephew or niece… #imyourmomchallenge ???

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“Eto na ganti natin sa mga pambu-bully ng mga kapatid natin matanda sa ‘tin noon,” wrote Alex as caption for the video with the hashtag #imyourmomchallenge.

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