Bea Alonzo advises against getting back with an ex


Bea Alonzo revealed that she had gotten back with only one ex-boyfriend and it turned out to be a mistake.  

When asked if there is an ex-boyfriend that she’d be open to reconcile with during a candid interview with celebrity doctor Aivee Teo, the 33-year-old actress was honest in admitting that rekindling relationships with exes is not the best decision.

“To tell you honestly, isang beses lang ako bumalik, nagkamali pa ako. So ‘wag na siguro makipagbalikan. Close na yung chapter na yun. It’s like reading the same book all over again so I might as well just move forward and try to read another book,” she said. 

She also seemingly alluded to that failed relationship when asked if there was anything she wanted to change in her past.

“I don’t want to change anything because I wouldn’t be the person that I am now if not for all the trials I’ve been through so I won’t change anything.”

“Ngayon may lessons na, I feel like I’m stronger, I can face anything in life. I can survive anything in life, so thank you na rin ha. Thank you talaga,” Bea added with a laugh.

Bea also used her six-year-long relationship with actor Zanjoe Marudo as proof that their friendship after their relationship has done them good.  

In the same interview, she admitted she is always in love with her former loveteam and onscreen partner John Lloyd Cruz.  

“I’m always in love with him. I feel like our partnership will never work if I was not in love with him,” she said.  

She explained that it is because they have been through all the cycles of a relationship like being friends, enemies and almost lovers.  

Watch their chit-chat about love and life here: 

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