Barbie Imperial and Julia Barretto’s ‘hiraman’ tweets bring laughter to netizens


Netizens lost it after actresses Julia Barretto and Barbie Imperial jokingly asked to borrow each other’s “physical assets” in a recent Twitter exchange.

Barbie earlier posted a set photos of herself on the microblogging site that flaunted her cleavage. 

A fan then quipped, “Minsan nga Barbie, pahiram ng boobs mo. Balik ko din agad pipicture lang skskskskkskksk.”

Barbie gamely agreed to her fan’s request by responding “sige”.

Julia, who is vocal about being flat-chested, later hopped in on the fun, and retweeted Barbie’s response saying: “Ako din”.

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In a tweet, Barbie replied that in exchange for such a request, she would like to borrow a certain body part of Julia.

“Pa(h)iram din ako ng pwet mo plz,” said Barbie. 

The Twitter community had a laugh over Barbie and Julia’s online “hiraman”, while others wished to have both physical attributes of the young stars.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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