LOOK: Assunta De Rossi gives birth to ‘miracle baby’ Fiore


Assunta De Rossi has given birth to her first baby with husband Jules Ledesma after what she described as “almost 20 years of waiting”. They named their daughter Giulia Fiorentina Alessandra or Fiore for short.

The news of the baby girl’s arrival was first shared by family friend and publicist Jun Lalin in a social media post.

According to Lalin, Assunta gave birth early morning today, October 23, 7:06 a.m. at the Cardinal Santos Medical Center in San Juan City. The baby weighed a little over five pounds and “delivered via elective CS at 38 weeks due to myoma uteri.”

The actress’ talent manager Annabelle Rama told STAR’s Latestchika.com, visitors are not allowed at the hospital but she was sent pictures of her talent’s firstborn.

“Maganda ang baby dahil maganda si Assunta at guwapo si Jules,” she said, sending her congratulations to the couple.

The couple has not yet fully explained the meaning behind their daughter’s beautiful name, but clearly she is also named after Assunta’s sister, actress Alessandra De Rossi.

In a sweet Instagram post welcoming her niece to the world, Alessandra captioned a pic of the mother and child: “This is the most beautiful photo for life! Little Fiore and tears of joy in my sister’s eyes. ❤️??? Almost 20 years in the making! Miracles happen every day, and this one is the best!”

“Congratulations @assuntaledesma @julesledesma ❤️ and of course to the new granny na mas oa pa sa naganak, @ermatsko ??? THANK YOU LORD ??????,” Alessandra added.

Assunta had recently hinted that she was going to be a first-time mom anytime soon.

“Another check-up today. Si Fiore as usual, nagtatago na naman. Naku maldita! It’s OK. Pretty soon, I’ll see her face-to-face. I’ve waited for her almost 20 years, ano ba naman yung ilang araw pa? I love you, my tiny bloom,” she wrote on Instagram.

It was in May when Assunta revealed that after 16 years of marriage with former congressman Jules Ledesma, she was 14 weeks pregnant with their first child.

For years, she was having trouble conceiving because she had myoma and endometriosis that only a “miracle or medical intervention” could make it possible.

Despite challenges, Assunta has been grateful for an “easy” first pregnancy.  “Mabuti at napakabait ni bagets, hindi ako binibigyan ng problema. Ang swerte-swerte ko!!! Everything’s good, kaya smile pa rin.”