Tony Labrusca: ‘I get frustrated when people focus on my sexuality’


Actor Tony Labrusca finally found the right time and platform to address speculation about his sexuality.

On his YouTube channel, the star of the film Glorious and the recently-concluded BL series Hello Stranger gamely answered the biggest assumptions that fans have about him, and these included the persistent gay rumor.

“I’ve never been able to entertain these types of assumptions about me and really talk about it. I love that I finally have the platform to do so,” the 25-year-old hunk said in response to a fan’s assumption that he’s “still in the closet”.

“You know, the thing is, I get frustrated when people focus on my sexuality because I feel like no amount of work or accomplishment that I’ve done… I feel like it gets undermined because people want to focus on my sexuality instead of my capability. That’s where my frustration comes in,” he admitted.

Tony, however, clarified that he doesn’t mind people having this assumption about him, only because it means they’re curious about him.

“I actually like that, you know. At the end of the day, whether people like it or not, whether it comes to who you’re dating or whether it comes to your sexuality, the truth is always behind closed doors.

“And so I love it when people make these types of assumptions about me because it means people are intrigued by me, at the end of the day, do you know what I mean?”

Tony then shut down the speculation that he’s gay by declaring: “I don’t identify myself as a homosexual.”

“But I don’t think that matters anymore, you know what I mean?” added Tony, as he acknowledged that no matter what he says, people will continue to assume what they want to believe about him. “Even if I said I wasn’t gay, the people who think I am gay will keep on believing that I’m gay.”

“There’s nothing I can do that would change their minds because they think I dated this person or they think I had sex with this person because this tabloid said that. So, that’s out of my control, you know what I mean?”

He continued, “And then let’s say, if I did say I was gay, some people wouldn’t still believe me or some people would still hate me. They would say that I’m doing it for attention or that I’m queer-baiting.

“Some people would be like, ‘Sabi ko na nga ba,’ and then people would end up hating me. My point is, whatever I say, whatever I do, whatever I identify as, it doesn’t matter. There’s still gonna be people that hate me because I’m me.”

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