Pauleen Luna defends Baby Tali from bashers: ‘She’ll always be perfect to me’


Celebrity mom Pauleen Luna took a swipe at people who openly criticize innocent children like her very own Baby Talitha, who’s been a victim of online bashing. 

The actress TV-host said that while everyone is entitled to give their opinion, there must be limitations especially if it involves a child.

“It’s one thing to say your opinion, which is totally fine. But it’s another thing to bash, you know, an innocent child,” said Pauleen when asked for advice to parents of kids being bullied online during a virtual presscon for her new TV5 show Chika Besh.  

“Lahat naman tayo meron tayong opinion, pero di naman natin kailangan sabihin pa sa lahat ng tao kung hindi ito kagandahan,” she added. 

Pauleen recently confronted a netizen who made rude comments about Baby Tali on Facebook, warning him that he could be sued for his actions. 

The netizen later issued a public apology to Pauleen, her family and those who have been affected by his remarks.

She recalled reactions to the incident, “There are people who support me, ‘Sige lang, ipaglaban mo yan kasi anak mo yan.’ But there are also some people na naririnig ko na nagsasabi, ‘wag mo i-expose yung anak mo kung ayaw mong makarinig ka ng hindi masyadong magagandang bagay.”

However, Pauleen sees no reason not to show Tali to the public, saying that she only takes pride in her two-year-old daughter with Vic Sotto. 

“Sharing Tali with people gives me and gives them so much joy. And I think mas nangingibabaw yun than the bad and not-so-good comments because at the end of the day, why do I share my daughter, it’s because I’m proud of her, not for anything else. Proud na proud lang ako sa anak ko. Say what you want and it’s fine, she’s my daughter, she will always be perfect to me, she will always be beautiful to me.” 

Pauleen also said that she can’t be blamed for being a protective mom. 

“Now I’m a mom, you can’t expect me to… pag-inaapi na ba at niyuyurakan ang pagkatao ng anak mo na hindi naman makalaban para sa sarili niya, you cannot expect the mom to just sit back, watch and enjoy. Siguro yan ang kailangan maintindihan ng mga tao na once you become a mom, you will do anything and everything to protect your child.” 

In a Pilipino Star Ngayon report, Pauleen shared how Tali is very affectionate towards her parents.

“Malambing naman talaga ‘tong batang ito. You know, she’s very fair. Mag kiss siya sa Mommy niya, magki-kiss din siya sa Daddy niya. Kung mag-I love you siya kay Daddy, kailangan mag-I love you din siya kay Mommy. Nakakatuwa siya.”

Watch the full interview here: 

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Posted by TV5 on Monday, 24 August 2020


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