‘The only negative I need’: Bea Alonzo takes COVID-19 rapid test


“Akala ko pregnancy test!”

On Friday, Bea Alonzo almost tricked netizens with her COVID-19 rapid test results. The actress took to Instagram to share that her test results yielded negative. 

She also shared a photo of the test result kit that looked similar to a pregnancy test. 


Her caption read: “The only ‘NEGATIVE’ I need ?.”

Bea’s friends were quick to react to her joke. Some even mentioned they had to do a double take to make sure that the test kit was not a pregnancy test. 

Miss Grand International 2016 Nicole Cordoves was also humored by the post. Bea asked the beauty queen if she thought the test kit was a pregnancy test as well. 

“Hahahahhaha kala mo rin pt?” Bea asked. 

Actress Neri Naig also left a comment on the post.

“Natigilan ako dun ah,” she wrote.

While another friend of hers said she thought it was a pregnancy test. 

“Omg akala ko pregnancy test!!! Love u bea!”

Other netizens were also tricked by the photo. 

“The only negative you’ll congratulate. Hahahaha congratulations,” an Instagram user said.

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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