On a scale of 1 to 5, how praning are you about Metro Manila’s possible shift from ECQ to GCQ?


For many of us who are fortunate enough to stay at home, it has been days since we last stepped out of the comfort of our houses. We’re sure some of you have turned to baking or playing Animal Crossing just to remain sane. Don’t worry, we feel you!

The Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Diseases (IATF) recently recommended to President Rodrigo Duterte that Metro Manila be placed under the less strict general community quarantine (GCQ) status on June 1, 2020 — just a few days from now.

Even all 17 Metro Manila were in favor of scaling down the community quarantine measures in their respective areas.  

Once Metro Manila is downgraded to GCQ, public transportation will be allowed but at a reduced capacity and some non-essential establishments will reopen but are required to comply with physical distancing and other health measures. 

But on Thursday (May 28), the Philippines posted its highest number of new COVID-19 cases in a day at 539, bringing the total to a whopping 15,588 with 3,598 recoveries and a death toll of 921.

PH POSTS HIGHEST NUMBER OF NEW COVID-19 CASES IN A DAYBREAKING: The Department of Health reports 539 new COVID-19…

Posted by Philippine Star on Thursday, 28 May 2020

Just recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) sounded the alarm over how slow contact tracing is being conducted by the government.

While we’re still far from flattening the curve, are we really ready to transition to GCQ? In the wise words of Rated K host Korina Sanchez, “Handa na ba kayo?”

On our trusty 1 to 5 scale, if you had to rate how worried you are on this ECQ to GCQ switch, where would you fall?

1 – I don’t care

Siri, please play Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber’s I Don’t Care. 

Are you taking things easy peasy lemon squeezy? You’re not really affected, you just go with whatever. 


2 – Just okay 

You’re not apathetic to it, you’re not as praning but you’re probably not your family’s grocery alay as well.


3 – Mixed feelings

You have mixed feelings about it. Maybe you’re worried you would catch the illness what with the less stringent guidelines of GCQ. On the other hand, you’re glad some businesses would be up and running already. 


4 – In full gear

You’re praning and it’s okay to admit it. You just know we’re not ready for looser rules and you will be taking matters into your own hands. This means you’re leaving the house in full gear — face mask, gloves and the other essentials. 

This could also be an opportunity for you to unleash your inner Heart Evangelista and style new normal gear. 

5 – Bawal Lumabas

You’re full-on praning and the government’s move is just a hard no for you. You would rather blast Kim Chiu’s Bawal Lumabas in your room than going out. 

In a #PhilStarAsks by The Philippine Star, netizens were asked if they agree with all of Metro Manila’s mayors in shifting from ECQ to GCQ. Over 5.6k netizens spoke up on the matter. 

Many said no since it would only increase the COVID-19 positive cases.

Some said yes so that those who are not able to work during ECQ can earn for their families. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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