COVID-19 survivor: ‘Everest Doc’ does ‘discharge push-ups’ to mark end of agonizing ordeal


Crisis expert Dr. Ted Esguerra, who co-anchors DZMM’s disaster preparedness show Red Alert, is now a COVID-19 survivor. 

“I thank God, the most gracious and merciful for healing me. I am one of the fortunate doctors who survived the ordeal!” he wrote in a Facebook post early Saturday.

Also known as “Everest Doc” for being the physician of the first Philippine expedition to Mt. Everest, Esguerra said he will return to service and donate blood plasma to critical frontliners after a 14-day quarantine. 

He thanked all those who followed his journey and prayed for him “so that I can overcome the super-duper agonizing, unending dry coughing brought about by progressing pneumonia, the shortness of breath, the persisting 39-40 C fever, the diarrhea, the RTC metallic taste, and the body malaise brought by the nasty strain of Corona. Now I am HEALED! Your prayers are answered and WE WON.”

To mark the end of his 20-day hospitalization, Doc Ted also did “discharge pushups” for his supporters.

“My ‘Discharge’ push ups to ALL those sent me wellness messages, who prayed for my health, who shove their heads for my healing, who pulled up or did push ups for my renewed strength, and to those who stayed with me as I passed the agonizing dark tunnel of Covid 19,” he said.

Esguerra has chronicled and opened up his on COVID-19 journey with daily updates on Facebook, offering followers not just a rare look into what a COVID-19 patient goes through, but also large doses of hope and humor despite the situation.

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