Jodi Sta. Maria shares 3 tips to manage stress and anxiety during COVID-19 lockdown


Jodi Sta. Maria has offered some tips on how to cope with the stress, tension and anxiety during this time of COVID-19.

The actress together with Piolo Pascual appeared in a Facebook Live session on Black Saturday which was moderated by Dr. Hayden Kho Jr. They answered questions and shared insights relating to faith amid the imposed lockdown to stem the spread of the pandemic.

Jodi said she’s learning to become more healthy at this time. However, she realized that getting healthy must not be confined to the physical aspect.

“I think what’s important is we not only keep ourselves physically healthy, but emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy, we are tripartite beings (spirit, soul and body) we cannot separate one from the other. So it’s important that balanced ang tatlong iyon — physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy,” the actress said.

Asked what she has been practicing to achieve balance in her life, Jodi said, “Physically kasi, you eat right. I have a better understanding now that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and we should be taking care of it.

“Emotionally, as much possible you look at things at a different perspective. Also, you try to stay away from anything that will undermine your peace. On social media for example, you have the power to block, mute or unfollow anyone that undermines your peace. Please protect your peace at all cost.

“Spiritually, you just fill yourself with the Word of God because at the end of the day, yun ang mag-e-encourage, magbibigay ng peace and that will really sustain us.”

“Know that you’re not alone,” she told a netizen who was asking for advice on what to do when you’re feeling down and depressed.

Jodi then shared that she wrote three ways to manage stress and anxiety during this period.

“A-B-C lang siya. A is you accept, acknowledge, adjust accordingly. To accept that it’s out of our control. To acknowledge this will give us somehow the power to deal with life changing obstacles,” she said.

According to her, if one stops focusing on things that he can’t control, that gives room to adjust accordingly and focus the energy on things one can control.

Jodi said that B means behave appropriately. “Don’t forget that we have the power to respond to any given circumstance and we have the choice to respond negatively or positively. And I hope and pray that we always choose to do what is right. We stop spreading hate and realize that we are all affected by this. No one is spared. This is a great equalizer. This pandemic discriminates no one. What we can do is lift up somebody today by sending a positive quote, or maybe checking on them, saying hi, giving encouragement.”

C is commit to give, she noted. “Some people feel that they’re not able to do anything. But can I share just a tweet I received, which said, ‘Wala naman akong mabibigay, prayer lang.’ But you see, prayers are powerful and praying for someone is actually a noble act — praying for our leaders, for our frontliners, even dun sa mga tao nasa paligid natin.”

During the Facebook Live, Jodi said that “we’re not trying to be experts here” but only sharing tips that they’re doing themselves. She also happily shared that she’s currently in her final year of completing her Psychology degree.

Jodi also opened up on what she’s most grateful for during this COVID crisis.

She said, “I am grateful for a lot of things. I’m grateful for my life. That when you wake up, you are healthy, you are with your family.

“It’s the small things talaga na sometimes you have taken for granted because of the busyness of life, you’re being pulled from left to right, up and down, hustle-bustle of the world, parang ang bilis, sobrang fast-paced ng mundong ginagalawan natin.

“And then, when this (COVID-19) happened, you begin to introspect that it is those little things pala na akala mo hindi importante ang pinaka-importante na meron ka ngayon. So, I’m grateful for that.

“Every single day nagigising ka, coming from where you know, when we sleep we’re like ‘virtually dead’ then God has given you another chance in life. Kumbaga, His mercies are new every morning. Yun yung sobrang buhay na buhay sa akin.”

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