‘After washing your hands, wash your mouth’: Toni Gonzaga hits back at netizen for hate comment


Toni Gonzaga responded coolly to a netizen who accused her of not offering help in this time of crisis.

On Saturday, the 36-year-old actress posted an inspirational quote on Instagram with no caption in it.

A particular netizen then attacked Toni for not hearing any news about her helping out during the coronavirus crisis in the country and even compared her to younger sister Alex.

“T*** i**  toni puro ka ganyan wala kami nababalitaan na tumulong ka na sa mga nangangailangan puro si alex lang marunong tumulong sa kapwa,” wrote the netizen.

The netizen also claimed that Toni is just out there living the comfort of her celebrity life.

“Pinayaman ka ng taong bayan sa pag suporta sayo matuto ka magbalik palibhasa nakahiga ka sa pera nakakain ka ng masarap nakakatulog ka ng mahimbing mga kapwa mo pilipino kahit kailan wala ka tulong mahiya ka proud ka pa ipakita sa Instagram mo na kumakain ka ng masarap habang maraming namamatay na pilipino t*** i** wala ka silbi”.

The singer-actress was quick to hit back at the comment saying “So much hate in your heart”.

“I hope the lockdown will make (you)  reflect on how you speak to others,” she added.

Toni continued to point out that “not everything is publicized like how u want it”.

“I never broadcast the help we give. I don’t need your validation and praise for it. Some people can work and help in silence. Respect that,” she said.

She also left a strong reminder to the netizen: “After washing your hands today wash your mouth also. It badly needs it,” adding a wink emoji at the end.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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