Children send ‘ray of sunshine’ to COVID-19 patients at RITM


Handmade letters and cards made by children are being sent out to COVID-19 patients at the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) as a way to uplift their spirits.

Dr. Nicole Perreras, a doctor at RITM, took the personal initiative to encourage kids to create “handmade get well cards” for their patients stricken by the coronavirus disease.

A viral post promoting the effort said that the letters will be given and included in the breakfast trays of isolated patients in hopes of brightening their day at the hospital.

Dr. Perreras in a reply to a netizen on Facebook said that the kids’ artworks can be sent — scanned or pictured — through [email protected]

“Ty kids for these rays of sunshine. ????They will be our patients’ special vitamins at lunchtime,” Dr. Perreras wrote in a Facebook post sharing some of the artworks they received.

Kids can get creative and at the same time extend their well-wishes for the healing and recovery of COVID-19 patients by making them “get well soon” cards.

Different child-oriented groups and institutions have expressed their support for the initiative.

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Posted by U.P. Child Development Center on Friday, 27 March 2020
Lyka Nicart
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