Vicki Belo tests negative for coronavirus after attending Milan Fashion Week


“I did test and it’s all negative.”

Celebrity doctor Vicki Belo assured her followers that she tested negative for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) after attending the Milan Fashion Week in Italy, considered as the epicenter of Europe’s coronavirus outbreak.

Belo made the revelation to address “messages of concern” she has had received since returning from the global fashion capital, one of the areas now reportedly under lockdown by the Italian government to contain the spread of COVID-19.

“Hi everybody! I would like to thank all of you for your concern. I know you’ve been texting and sending me messages if I’m OK. It’s been two and a half weeks since I arrived from Milan Fashion Week and I have zero symptoms of anything,” Belo said in an Instagram story on Tuesday.

“I feel so healthy and amazing. But of course, I did test and it’s all negative,” she added.

She also stressed that she wouldn’t do anything that could cause harm to her family.

“You know, you have to remember that I have a little daughter, Scarlet is only five. I have a daughter Cristalle (Belo-Pitt) who is pregnant. I would never do anything to endanger their lives,” she said.

“So, right now I feel really healthy, no cough, no fever, no nothing but thank you for praying for me, I really appreciate your concern.”

Belo was among the Filipino celebrities and fashion influencers who scored invites to top fashion shows during the Milan Fashion Week.

But Pinoy attendees have recently become subject of netizen scrutiny following reports that Vietnamese socialites Nguyen Hong Nhung and Nga Nguyen contracted the coronavirus after going to the shows of Gucci in Milan and Saint Laurent in Paris.

Earlier, South Korean media reported that two staff members of South Korean singer Chungha were confirmed to have been infected by the virus after the visit to Milan for the Fashion Week. The K-pop star went under quarantine and eventually tested negative. (READ: K-pop star Chung Ha under quarantine after staff members tested positive for COVID-19.)

Amid growing COVID-19 concerns, Heart Evangelista — known to attend Fashion Week events — told worried fans on Monday that she intentionally missed out on the international fashion event for safety reasons. (READ: Heart Evangelista assures fans she wasn’t at Fashion Week shows Vietnamese socialite with COVID-19 attended.)

The actress tweeted on Monday: “For those of you asking or concerned, I’ve decided last January to cancel all of my fashion week trips for safety reasons. That’s why I was absent during fashion week. I pray for everyone’s safety. God bless us all.”

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