Fan in viral BINI Aiah bar incident issues public apology


By Rie Realingo

BINI Aiah recently went viral over a video posted online that showed a male fan getting a little too close to the P-pop idol, causing her discomfort at a bar in Cebu. The fan has now publicly apologized.

In a Facebook post, AJ Fernan, the male bar-goer that gained attention from fans and netizens due to the incident, publicly admitted his mistake.

The fan first messaged BINI Aiah’s official Facebook page to explain why drastically inched closer to the BINI member.

His message was then posted in his own Facebook account with a caption, “Here’s my take, I am really sorry.”

In his post, the fan apologized for making Aiah uncomfortable. He cleared that it was never his intention to scare her, and did not attempt to kiss or smell the artist, as some of the netizens assumed. 

Apparently, his only aim was to tell BINI Aiah that she is pretty, but due to the loud music and general setting in the bar, he thought moving closer to her would be the best way to reach out.

The male fan eventually admitted that he crossed the line, further apologizing for not considering what BINI Aiah might have felt with his actions.

“I was to[o] naive and selfish because […] I got so caught up with what I felt during that time,” he said.

“What [yo]u fe[lt] was valid, and I couldn’t be more sorry,” he once again apologized.

“Lastly, to the management, fans, family and friends, I want to extend my sincerest apolog[ies]. To all the blooms or even to those [other] people (especially girls) who felt disturb[ed] because of what they saw, I am deeply sorry,” Fernan ended his message.

BINI Aiah has not responded yet to his message as per the screenshots.

Meanwhile, STAR Magic released a statement urging the public to respect the personal space and privacy of their artists following the viral incidents involving Aiah and fellow BINI member Maloi. The latter was mobbed by fans while dining out at a restaurant with her family.

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