Janno Gibbs shares final moments with late father Ronaldo Valdez


Singer-songwriter Janno Gibbs reflected on the final months of quality time together with his father, late veteran actor Ronaldo Valdez.

It was December of last year when Janno bid farewell to his father who passed away at the age of 77.

Janno revealed in an interview with veteran host Boy Abunda on the GMA talk show, Fast Talk with Boy Abunda, that his parents had split up prior to Valdez’s death.

“Hindi alam ng lahat that my mom and dad split last year. So, I made my dad live with me. We were living together for a year,” he shared.

“So everyday kasama ko siya. That was the most quality time that I’ve spent with him,” Janno remarked.

He emphasized the significance of this time, highlighting the difference between “quantity” over “quality.”

“Iba ‘yung araw-araw eh, quantity. Iba ‘yung quantity sa quality. Iba ‘yung quality time, paminsan-minsan pero special. Ito hindi, iba kasi araw-araw kasama mo,” Gibbs reflected.

Janno recounted the heart-wrenching moments when he had to say his goodbyes to his father during his critical condition.

“Nakapagpaalam ako sa kanya, before the ambulance came. I was there in his horrible state,” he shared emotionally, “I got to sing my goodbyes. I was talking to him but of course he’s not answering anymore. I got to kiss him and say I love you, he was breathing pa.”

Despite his father’s passing, there are moments when Janno forgets the reality of his absence, especially considering it has only been five months since Ronaldo’s passing.

“Kailan pa lang naman eh. So I forget, halimbawa my family birthday kami. Naiisip ko makikita ko siya, tapos, ‘Ah oo nga pala,’ nakakalimutan ko. Or I’d buy something na food, foodie ‘yan eh, daddy ko, bibilhan ko, ‘Ay! Oo nga pala, wala na pala,'” Janno expressed.

The singer-actor also addressed speculations about his relationship with his wife, Bing Loyzaga, stating that the loss of his father had only strengthened their bond.

“Sabi nila, ‘Nagbalikan ba, naghiwalay?’ Wala naman, we’re married.  We just had bad days, bad moments. We’re in a good place now especially because of what happened to my dad,” Janno clarified.

He added, “It was me and Bing who was there. Kami lang ang naka­kita sa kanya in his state. Na-traumatize si Bing eh.”

“Kasi wala na rin ang daddy niya, daddy ko ang daddy na niya. So hindi ko siya pwedeng iwanan. Hindi rin niya ako pwedeng iwanang mag-isa. I think kami ang security blanket ng isa’t isa sa ngayon,” Janno reflected on their relationship.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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