Janno Gibbs says father Ronaldo Valdez was ‘still alive’ when police arrived


Janno Gibbs narrated the events that led to his statement demanding a public apology from the Philippine National Police (PNP) over lapses in the investigation of his father’s death a month ago.

In a report by PEP, Janno disclosed his account of the incident during a mediacon on Monday afternoon, Jan. 15, 2024.

At the open forum, Janno was accompanied by his wife, Bing Loyzaga, and sister, Melissa Gibbs.

According to Janno, Ronaldo was living with him and at the time of the incident, he was sleeping in the next room where his dad was found.

“My father was living with me, so I was taking care of him. So when it happened, I was sleeping in the next room. My driver knocked on my door, and shouting, ‘Daddy mo! Ang daddy mo!’ So we saw him,” detailed Janno.

He claimed that Ronaldo was still alive when their barangay captain called for an ambulance and police.

“So immediately, ang nandun was our barangay captain who called both police and an ambulance, because he (Ronaldo) was still breathing,” he said.

“He was still alive. Despite… so first to arrive was a police officer from the nearby station. Siya yung nag-video. So, nung vini-video niya, sabi ko, ‘Teka! Ano yan?!’ ‘For evidence po, for evidence.’,” Janno shared his initial reaction to the officer gathering evidence.

“Naisip ko, parang SOP naman, di ba? So sige, sige na lang,” he said, referring to SOP or Standard Operating Procedure done by the police during a scrime scene investigation.

“And then, ambulance came and we brought him to the hospital where he stayed alive pa for quite some time actually. And then he passed,” Gibbs said.

He shared that he and his wife, Bing Loyzaga were about to pay for the hospital bills when he was suddenly “pulled by the police to go back to the crime scene”.

“Magbabayad pa lang kami ni Bing, hinila na ako ng pulis to go back to the crime scene, to the scene.”

The investigation was reportedly done by the Quezon City Police District (QCPD).

“Nakalagay naman sa report nila na to process. To process. They were… five or more people. I think so, ako yun. Kasi, the process daw of the crime scene. Andito yung basyo, tapos may tama dito sa wall, ganyan,” Janno gestured.

“Tatlo kami. So me… we had two units kasi. In that unit was me, my dad, our driver, and a kasambahay especially for my dad. Nakatutok sa dad ko. So the three of us, after that, after they processed the scene, went to Karingal where I made my statement, my written statement.”

After making his statement, he, along with his driver and maid, underwent a paraffin test on the same day of the incident.

According to local law firm site Respicio & Co., a paraffin test is a forensic procedure used to “detect the presence of gunpowder residue on a person’s hands, usually performed on suspects of gun-related crimes to establish whether they have recently fired a gun.”

“Remember this is the same day. This is the same night,” stressed Gibbs, “Bing texted me that the full statement, including our address, and my full statement of the pangyayari, was circulating already. Nagli-leak na. So same day pa lang yun.”

“So I told the police I was with. Sabi ko, ‘Ano to?!’ Ang sagot sa akin, ‘Naku, Sir! Di natin maiiwasan yan, e! Kasi, pinapasa talaga namin sa mga superior at sa iba’t ibang ano. Hindi talaga maiiwasan’.”

Janno turned to his counsel, Attorney Lorna Patajo-Kapunan to question the leakage.

To this, Atty. Kapunan affirmed, “Hindi tama yun. Kasi, kapag ongoing investigation, dapat walang leakage. Meron tayong privacy ng family. Meron din tayong Confidential Data Information. So mishandling talaga.”

“Let Janno detail… remember, this is the same day. This is the very same day, na in total shock pa ang family and nadagdagan pa ng insensitivity ng police, ‘no,” she added.

Janno added another incident of invasion of his privacy while he was undergoing the paraffin test inside the building of Scene of Crime Operations (SOCO) where an unauthorized person took his photo during the procedure.

“Yung window, ano e… half smoked yung window. Aba! May camera crew dun na nakaganun sa second floor, na nakunan ako na nagpa-paraffin. So, nagalit yung doktora na nagpa-paraffin.”

“Sabi niya, ‘Sino yun? Habulin niyo,’ ganun-ganun. Hinabol nila. Bumalik, ‘Wala na po, e.’ Sabi ng doktora, ‘Sinong tao sa ibaba?’ ‘Wala po. Wala pong tao sa ibaba.’”

Janno expressed his ire over the lack of security inside the police station, “So anong klaseng police station yon? Walang bantay… Kahit sino, puwedeng umakyat na lang? Walang paalam. Anong klase yun?”

Gibbs also mentioned that the slug of the bullet was only retrieved by the police after nine days. He stressed that five people had already investigated their place after the exact same day the tragedy happened.

“Hindi niyo nagawa yun nung araw na yun? And dami niyo, ah?! Anong prinocess niyo? Di ba?,” Janno questioned the officers in disbelief, “Nine days after, ‘Ayy! Yung slug nga pala?!’ Di ba? Tapos, hinihingan pa nila, ‘Puwede ba nating i-recreate yung scene?’ ‘Ha?! Nag-process na tayo, ah?!’”

The investigation continued until days after, when the police asked for the statement of their maid which crossed Janno.

“Ha?! Kasama ko yung kasambahay dun sa bahay, sa Karingal, at sa paraffin test, kasama ko. Hindi niyo nakunan ng statement? Anong ginawa niyo dun? Anong ginawa niyo nung processing?,” Gibbs expressed.

The results of the paraffin test for Janno, the driver, and the house helper were sent to him via Viber. The results were negative.

Ronaldo Valdez, also known as James Ronald Dulaca Gibbs in real life, renowned for his portrayals of antagonists and paternal figures in both series and films, passed away on December 17, 2023, at the age of 77.

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