‘It was mutual understanding’: Darren Espanto, Jayda Avanzado admit past romance 


Darren Espanto and Jayda Avanda admitted having dated each other in the past. 

In a recent interview on Fast Talk With Boy Abunda, Darren clarified matters on his rumored relationship with female stars including Jayda, Cassy Legaspi, and Kyline Alcantara.

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While Darren stressed that he and Cassy are totally “best friends”, the Kapamilya singer also confirmed he previously dated Kyline and Jayda. 

“Jayda and I have been friends since we were younger din po,” shared Darren. “And for me, it’s something that I guess we’d like to keep private as well. Yung things from the past”.

“There definitely was, but yun lang ang sasabihin ko. We’re still friends,” Darren furthered when asked by TV host Boy Abunda if there was anything romantic between them.

Jayda later shared in a separate interview her side of the story:

“Totoo po yun na there was something romantic between him and me at one point, nung mga bata po kami,” Jayda said, adding that it was something “I fondly look back on”.

“It was mutual understanding,” she explained. 

Jayda also related that that she and Darren both vocal about being special to each other at the time.

“With how young we were, I think it was just something we enjoyed in the moment,” she added. 

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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