Fans urged to respect SB19 members’ privacy amid alleged stalking incidents


The talent agency of P-pop boy group SB19, 1Z Entertainment, has addressed recent issues among fans involving stalking behavior and invasion of the members’ privacy.

The official statement was released on the agency’s social media pages on Wednesday morning, April 17.

“At 1Z Entertainment, we deeply value the connection between our artists and their fans. We appreciate the love and support you show towards their work, performances, and personal lives,” the statement began on a good note.

It continued, “However, we kindly ask for your understanding and respect when it comes to our artists’ privacy.”

1Z Entertainment encouraged the group’s fans, fondly known as “A’Tin”, to express their admiration for the members in a “positive” and “respectful” manner.

The company also mentioned a list of discouraged behaviors that should not be engaged with their beloved Mahalima, which include “stalking, unauthorized photography or recording, or attempting to access private information about our artists”.

“Our artists eagerly anticipate engaging with you at upcoming events. Thank you for your understanding and continued support,” 1Z Entertainment concluded their statement.

The statement came after reports from fans surfaced online involving people allegedly “camping” outside SB19’s office as well as places near their private space.

Another video is also currently circulating on X which showed individuals allegedly rummaging through the members’ trash, where they can also be heard guessing which disposable cups were used by the singers.

A’Tins expressed their appreciation for 1Z Entertainment’s response to the issue, while some recommended the members have their own bodyguards for their safety.

Meanwhile, SB19 recently announced all seats of their two-day finale concert “PAGTATAG! Finale” at Araneta Coliseum on May 18-19, 2024, have been officially sold out.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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