Ryan Bang invites Kim Seon Ho to guest on It’s Showtime 


See you soon on “It’s Showtime”?

South Korean actor Kim Seon Ho looks forward to the opportunity of visiting local noontime show It’s Showtime as a guest in the future.

The “Start Up” and “Hometown Cha Cha Cha” star got invited by none other than one of the show’s mainstays, Ryan Bang, who hosted his fanmeeting in Manila last Saturday, April 13. 

Ryan segued the invitation to Seon Ho after the K-drama star took snaps with the host who evidently fanboyed throughout the duration of the fanmeet.

“Meron po [kaming] live show everyday — ‘It’s Showtime,’ so next time if you have the chance, please visit ‘It’s Showtime.'”

Seon Ho bowed and before accepting the invite, “If there’s an opportunity, I’ll make sure to participate.“

“Thank you so much, I hope I will see you soon in Showtime,” Ryan replied with a smile. 

This is Seon Ho’s third time to visit the country following his first Manila fanmeet in 2023, and his attendance to the Asia Artist Awards in December of the same year.

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