Moira dela Torre opens up about struggling with eating disorder for 2 years


TW: This article contains mentions of eating disorders and mental health struggles

Singer-songwriter Moira dela Torre openly shared her journey toward self-love and the significant changes she has undergone over the past two and a half years.

In a report by Pilipino Star Ngayon, the “Paubaya” singer admitted that her transformation wasn’t solely about losing weight but rather about finding inner peace and acceptance.

Moira also revealed that her weight loss journey wasn’t easy, as she experimented with various diets, including “veganism” and “keto”, and even struggled with bulimia for two years.

“I definitely changed a lot since the major weight loss. In 2020, I started all these diet. I went vegan, keto. I’ve tried intermittent. I tried everything,” the singer shared.

She continued, “When I stopped putting pressure on myself and started allowing myself to just be me, that was when I stopped feeling the pressure.”

“I’m sorry, I might have to say this trigger war­ning. I became bulimic for two years and it only worsened my situation and got me to gain more weight,” Moira admitted her struggles with her body.

According to WebMD, people with bulimia will “often eat large amounts of food, or binge, and then try to get rid of the calories in what is called a purge”. This often involves vomiting, excessive exercising, or abuse of laxatives.

However, Moira emphasized that true change came when she stopped pressuring herself and learned to embrace her authentic self. She stressed the importance of self-love and urged others not to be too hard on themselves.

“When I stopped putting pressure on myself to just be, doon parang kumalma ang katawan ko and I started losing weight gradually. I think alam ng katawan mo kapag naaalagaan siya nang tama. Alam ng katawan natin kapag minamahal siya nang tama,” she said.

“Don’t be too hard on yourself. I know that’s such a cliché thing, but to be honest, how I star­ted losing weight, it was when I stopped trying,” Moira advised to those who are also going through the same situation.

Expressing gratitude for the gradual physical changes she experienced, Moira highlighted the significance of self-love as a transformative force. She encouraged others on similar journeys to prioritize themselves and choose self-care.

Despite her busy schedule, Moira shared that she prioritizes rest at the moment while currently preparing for a US concert tour in April and her upcoming album.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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