Video of Mayor Niña Jose complaining about ‘mabahong mic’ goes viral 


Actress-turned-politician Niña Jose-Quiambao went viral online after requesting a microphone change due to “foul smell.” 

A clip of the Bayambang, Pangasinan Mayor speaking during a flag ceremony in her town caught the attention of netizens with her frank comment on the mic she was using. 

“Poca, can I change the mic? There’s bad breath here. Sorry, mabaho talaga yung mic,” Niña said in the viral clip. 

She added laughingly, “Sorry, I can’t…baho, it’s amoy maasim…I don’t want to have halitosis (bad breath), you know.”

“Why naman ganon, Mayora?” read the TikTok user’s caption on the video posted on Tiktok which has garnered mixed reactions and more than five million views as of writing.

@anthonferrer.83 Why naman ganon, Mayora? 🥲 #Bayambang #niñajosequiambao #quiambao #niñaarotaka ♬ original sound – Anthon_83

While Niña drew laughter from some netizens for her straightforward comment, others criticized the former actress for the manner in which she addressed her concern.  

“Napaka importante ng hygiene. At least totoo sya. And sa mga production, spray naman ng alcohol every after use,” said a TikTok user. 

“Tama naman si Mayor Niña. Kahit ayaw ko ng mabaho na mic. Pag ako nag hohost dapat malinis ang mic,” said another.

One also commented, “She should have pretended that the mic is not functioning and whisper to the assistant the real reason.”

While another one joked, “ ‘Mayora ikaw lang po gumagamit yang mic na yan’.”

An X user, meanhile, remarked: “The actress-politician should be taught a lesson or two about how not to be tactless, at least, in front of her constituents. In bad taste ang pagpapa-cute mo mayora!”

Niña, who entered showbiz after her Pinoy Big Brother stint, appeared in several Kapamilya TV shows before leaving the showbiz industry for politics.

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