Niña Jose Quiambao calls out students: ‘Most of the kids nowadays do not know the meaning of respect’


Former showbiz personality and now incumbent mayor of Bayambang, Pangasinan Niña Jose Quiambao did not hesitate to clap back at young netizens for “disrespecting” her on social media.

The actress-turned-politician took to social media to lecture unnamed young netizens who called her names and degraded her educational attainment on Facebook. The reason behind their reactions appeared to be that class suspensions were not implemented in the area despite the rain.

Niña called out the users under the posts’ comment section. She also posted screenshots of her exchange with the students, whose names were blurred, on her verified Facebook account.

In a separate post, Niña spoke up about the issue on Sunday, Sept. 3, saying that youth nowadays need to learn about good manners and right conduct.

“Masyado kayo feeling entitled! learn how to RESPECT people, boy! Sorry if mayabang ako at pinost ko pa to. But this is something I’m sure most public officials get on a daily basis. People don’t respect you anymore. And I REFUSE to be treated this way,” the mayor wrote.

“No one has any right to degrade ME or any other person especially us public officials who are doing their jobs HONESTLY, SINCERELY, and TRUTHFULLY,” she added.

In another post, Niña pointed out that freedom of speech and one’s age should not be used as excuses to disrespect others.

She also encouraged parents and guardians to guide and teach discipline to their children before it’s too late.

“As the MOTHER of this town and as a Mother, we have to discipline our kids and show them what good manners and right conduct actually is,” Niña said, noting that their LGU will make a plan to bring back the subject of GMRC to be taught in schools.

A day later, the mayor gave an update on one of the students in question saying he had already apologized to her after speaking with his guardian.

“Let me clarify: I am mad not because I’m a mayor and they talked to me this way, I am mad because most of the kids nowadays do not know the meaning of respect,” Niña said.

She also explained the reason behind publicizing her reaction instead of privately messaging, “Why did I publicize this post? Una, Hindi lang naman sila yung ganyan at this is not the first time.”

She continued, “I could’ve messaged them privately, yes, and (I did by the way). [T]he thing is, let’s be honest here, these kids will not learn the basic human value of humility and accepting their faults if I did not bring this issue publicly.”

“Hindi porque public officials kami pwede na kami bastusin, or kahit sino pa, any human being, kahit ano ka pa no one has the right to disrespect you,” she reiterated.

Earlier today, Sept. 6, Niña addressed negative comments about her reaction to the students and stood by her decision to publicly call out their disrespect. She also reminded the public that not all politicians are problematic.

“Not all public officials are the same, not all politicians are trapo, that’s the problem with our society today feel na feel nyo genegeneralize nyo lahat ng politicians parepareho… no, Hindi lahat pareho sa iniisip nyo,” the mayor wrote in her recent Facebook post.

“May iilan pa na malinis and may sincere na pagmamahal sa bayan and public service. Sana wag nyo Kalimutan yan,” she added.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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