Abegail Rait reveals personal photographs taken by late Francis Magalona


Abegail Rait recently shared a glimpse of late rapper Francis Magalona’s personal side by revealing several photographs reportedly taken by the rapper himself during their trips together.

It can be recalled that Abegail, along with her daughter Gaile Francesca Magalona, made headlines when they came out as Francis’ “secret family” through one of Pinoy Pawnstars’ past episodes where they sold one of the famous artist’s jerseys.

During their latest appearance on the vlog show hosted by content creator Boss Toyo, Rait unveiled a collection of six photographs which they claimed were taken by Francis himself.

The images captured scenic landscapes from Vietnam and local areas such as Pampanga, Cebu, and Manila.

In a video conversation with Boss Toyo, Abegail provided insight into the origins of the photos, stating, “Those photos are… Kasi, member siya ng Camera Club of the Philippines, so… of course, mahilig siya sa photography kaya siya member don.”

“So those photos are captured during our trips together,” she added.

Boss Toyo, intrigued by the images, inquired further, “During your trip with Sir Kiko? Habang namamasyal?”

To which Abegail confirmed, “Yes.”

Initially, Abegail jokingly stated that she was selling the photos to Boss Toyo for ₱100,000 each. However, she later revealed that it was merely a “joke” and expressed her desire to gift the photographs as a “token of appreciation”.

“Joke lang ‘yun. Gusto ko lang talaga ’tong ibigay sa inyo as a token of appreciation. […] Gusto namin kasi i-ano, i-share sa pamamagitan mo ulit itong memorabilia na ’to, and syempre looking forward pa rin ako sa ayan na nga, malapit na, sa tinatayo mong museum, so to commemorate,” Abegail explained.

She expressed gratitude to Boss Toyo for featuring her on his channel and for purchasing some of Francis’s memorabilia last year, which she said aided her in starting her business and had helped Francesca’s entry into showbiz.

In response, Boss Toyo expressed his appreciation for the gesture, thanking Abegail for the thoughtful gift.

He also noted that he would have been willing to purchase the photographs for ₱20,000 to ₱25,000 each.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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