Change of heart? Benny Blanco ‘takes two’ with reaction to Jollibee in new video


Following his controversial reaction to eating food from popular Pinoy fast food, Jollibee, for the first time, music producer Benny Blanco seemed to have reversed his opinions the second time.

International popstar Selena Gomez’s new beau appeared to have backtracked on his initial review of the Filipino fast-food chain, after receiving backlash from Pinoy netizens, vloggers, and food enthusiasts.

The 35-year-old content creator faced criticism after an “unfavorable” and “distasteful” review of Jollibee in a video posted last week.

In his first video labeled “my first time trying Jollibee,” Benny showcased his meal consisted of a family pan-sized Jolli Spaghetti, a bag of Jolli fries, peach mango pie, a pineapple drink, and the famous Jollibee Chicken Joy.


my first time trying jollibee

♬ Little Things – Adrian Berenguer

Benny went on a tirade expressing disappointment in the adobo rice that came with his Chicken Joy, calling it “dry” and likening it to the “taste of butt”.

He then criticized Chicken Joy, describing it as “soggy” and dipped it into his pineapple drink.

The spaghetti also received a barrage of negative comments as he began to liken its smell to “vomit” and spat it out upon eating.

With over 6 million views, the comments section was flooded with criticism for Blanco’s take on the beloved Filipino fast-food chain.

“Benny, your literal review about Jollibee is my literal review of you,” read one of the top comments.


“Not you disrespecting OUR jollibee,” a TikTok user called out Blanco.

“I’ve never had Jollibee but I don’t trust your opinion,” one commented.

According to US media reports, Benny frequently shares his reactions to eating various fast food on TikTok before or after smoking marijuana.

Following the magnitude of the backlash, Blanco uploaded another reaction video titled “filipino food take 2” a day later with a new set of food known to come from the “highest rated places” in Los Angeles.

“Apparently all of the Jollibees suck in L.A. and are not as good as those in the Philippines or New York,” Benny explained before showing Jollibee’s spicy chicken sandwich to the camera, which he said was a recommendation from his friend.

In his new video, Benny took two bites of the sandwich and exclaimed, “Not only is this sandwich so good, I completely reverse my opinion of how it sucked. You could go there just for this,” and proceeded to take another bite.


filipino food take 2

♬ Little Things – Adrian Berenguer

Fan reactions were mixed, as some appreciated Blanco’s apparent change of heart, while others suspected it to be sarcasm plain damage control to redeem his image.

“PURE SARCASM,” a user denounced Benny’s reactions.

“He knew he needed to redeem himself lol,” reacted another.

“Bennnnyyyyyy! [N]ever hated even after the [J]ollibee issue! .. [L]ove you even more.. But don’t mess with Filipinossss 🤣🤣🤣,” a fan commented.

“I don’t get why everyone is mad about his video. Everyone makes review videos all the time. If you love it that’s all that matters 💯,” another user wrote.

As of writing, Benny has yet to comment or react to the issue.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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