Ted Failon faces backlash from fans over comments on SB19’s Justin de Dios


Veteran broadcaster Ted Failon came under fire following his recent comments about SB19 member Justin de Dios.

During the Monday episode of the radio program “Ted Failon at DJ Chacha sa Radyo 5” on March 4, DJ Chacha reported on the trending live performance of Justin’s new solo single, “Surreal,” on ASAP Natin ‘To.

In the midst of DJ Chacha’s update, Ted made remarks about Justin’s physical appearance, indicating that he was not familiar with the SB19 member.

He asked DJ Chacha, “Pilipino ba yan… All original yan, ‘no?”

Seemingly amused by the question, she responded, “Oo, Pinoy yan.”

Ted continued with a probing question, “All original ‘yan?”

Defending Justin, DJ Chacha asserted, “Oo, all original ‘yan, even si Justin, in fairness.”

However, Ted made a comment to clarify that he was pertaining to his song, saying, “Yung kanta ‘kako,” which was then followed by a laughing sound effect.

As DJ Chacha continued with her report, Ted interjected again to provide commentary on the shape of Justin’s nose.

The broadcaster stated, “Sana magkaroon tayo ng grupo na hindi naman mga kataasan ang tangos ng ilong para talagang original.”

Failon’s comments sparked a wave of negative reactions on social media, particularly from SB19 fans, also called as A’Tins, who found his remarks offensive and inappropriate.

Many expressed disappointment in the broadcaster for focusing on physical features rather than the artist’s talent and achievements, and demanded an apology.

As of writing, Failon has yet to issue a statement or comment on the issue.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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