Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones confirmed to have separated after almost a decade of marriage – report


After years of speculations over their split, a close friend of celebrity couple Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones has reportedly confirmed that they have indeed parted ways.

Ricco Ocampo, owner of i2i eyewear and a godparent at Jericho and Kim’s wedding, confirmed the couple’s separation through an official statement released to ABS-CBN News on Monday, January 29.

The surprising revelation included the disclosure that the actor and the Filipino-British model-digital creative had separated in 2019.

According to Ocampo, despite their decision to end their marriage, Jericho and Kim have remained “very good friends.”

The separation was described as a “mutual decision” and an “amicable separation,” with the reasons behind the split not being detailed in the statement.

Ocampo’s statement read, “While the friendship between the two remains, they have decided it is time to lead separate lives. They are encouraging each other to grow, albeit in different directions. It was a mutual decision, an amicable separation, dealt with grace and maturity by both parties.”

Jericho and Kim have deep gratitude for the beautiful memories they shared and the valuable lessons they learned during their time together, according to Ocampo.

The separation, as he further noted, was handled with the utmost respect and care due to their close bond and familial love for each other.

“The two are filled with gratitude for the memories they’ve made together and the lessons they’ve learned. They have journeyed through the separation with the utmost respect and care toward one another precisely because Echo and Kim are the best of friends and love each other like family.

“This split is not borne out of ill feelings. On the contrary, one might say that it is a demonstration of their affection and respect, as Echo and Kim only wish the best for each other,” Ocampo added.

“They are incredibly grateful for those who have supported them throughout the years, and appreciate the respect of their privacy during this time.”

Despite their separation, Jericho and Kim plan to continue their collaborations in work, such as an upcoming film where Kim serves as the writer, director, and actress, while Jericho takes on the role of producer. The collaborative movie is reportedly slated for release within the year.

The former couple also extended their gratitude to those who supported them over the years, asking for respect for their privacy during this time.

“They are incredibly grateful for those who have supported them throughout the years, and appreciate the respect of their privacy during this time,” concluded Ocampo’s statement.

Jericho and Kim announced their engagement in August 2013 and got married the following year in May at a Boracay resort.

They officially became a couple in October 2011, but chose to keep their relationship private until March 2012.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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