Annabelle Rama expresses heartbreak over daughter-in-law’s battle with leukemia


In a heartfelt message, Annabelle Rama took to social media to express her support for her daughter-in-law, Alexa Gutierrez, who is currently battling cancer.

Alexa Gutierrez is the wife of Annabelle and her husband Eddie Gutierrez’s son, Elvis.

The celebrity mom lamented the health condition of her daughter-in-law who has been recently diagnosed with the illness.

The message was accompanied by a recent picture of Alexa, showing her with a nearly shaved head and a tube attached to her neck.

Annabelle began her post by apologizing for only commenting on her situation at the time.

“Sorry Alexa ngayun lang ako nag comment sayu kasi sobrang affected ako sa nan[g]yari say[o],” Rama wrote.

She expressed her deep concern for Alexa’s current condition, unable to believe the extent of the situation, as she praised the latter’s kindness and dedication to her husband and children.

“Hindi parin ako makapaniwala. Kasi ang bait bait mong manugang at sobrang masinop sa asawa at mga anak mo,” Annabelle described Alexa.

Rama shared that her daughter-in-law had been living with them in their family home even before she and Elvin had been married.

“Matagal kang nakatira sa akin, gf/bf palang kayu ni [E]lvis hanggang sa ikasal at magkaanak kay[o] ay magkasama parin tay[o] sa bahay kaya[,] para na talaga kitang tunay na anak,” she described her closeness with Alexa.

In her caption, Annabelle confessed that she rarely vocalizes her feelings, but Alexa understands the depth of her love for her.

“Alam mong hindi ako vocal sa nararamdaman ko pero alam kong alam mo na mahal kita na parang anak ko na.”

Despite the somber tone, Annabelle conveyed her belief that Alexa would overcome this challenge, “Kaya alam kong gagaling ka. Habang pinapatex ko ito hindi ko mapigilan umiyak. I love you Alexa! Don’t worry nakalbo ka, para sa akin ikaw ang pinaka magandang kalbo!”

Rama concluded her message with a note reassuring Alexa that she and Eddie are looking after her children while she focuses on her fast recovery.

“PS huwag kang mag alala sa mga bata. Nanditu kami ni [E]ddie para subay-bayan ang mga anak mo habang nag papagaling kapa,” she noted.

“Pinagdasal kita everday at pinagsindihan kita ng kandila sa Sto Nino sa cebu for your fast recovery,” Annabelle added.

Prior to Annabelle’s post, Alexa also shared the photo on her

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A post shared by Alexandra U. Gutierrez (@alexaugutz)

“>Instagram account, addressing the emotional experience of losing her hair due to the illness.

In the caption, she revealed her decision to embrace a “new look” with a shaved head, expressing happiness with the change alongside her husband.

“I was getting emotional seeing all my hair fall in chunks. I was getting mad and wanted to change my emotions quickly. We went for it and decided time for the new look,” Alexa wrote.

She continued, “I feel much happier that we did it. Still a bit messy on top since it was spur of the moment thing. Most importantly, @life.of.guti and I love the look. Always wanted to try this hairstyle but never had the guts. Now I’m liberated. 💞”

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