Vice Ganda, Anne Curtis make amends after ‘brandagulan’ incident on It’s Showtime; fastfood chain reacts


It’s Showtime hosts Anne Curtis and Vice Ganda trended anew after involving a popular fast food chain’s brand tagline in their on-air banter.

The endorsement conflict arose when Anne, in an unintentional slip, mentioned the tagline associated with the fast-food chain that is in direct competition with her endorsement.

In the Saturday episode of It’s Showtime, Anne accidently uttered the phrase “Nice, Ganda,” which was the new tagline for Vice Ganda’s endorsement for Mcdonald’s.

However, it wasn’t until afterward that she realized it was related to the rival of another fast-food chain she was endorsing endorsement which was prohibited for its endorsers to do so.

This prompted Anne to swiftly apologize in genuine concern and worry during the live episode.

The incident quickly trended on X, putting the names of Anne and Vice in the spotlight which garnered mixed reactions from netizens, with some calling out Vice for being responsible for putting his co-host in an awkward position.

To prevent the issue from escalating, Anne took to X to reassure fans and netizens that she and her co-host are still on good terms after the prank.

According to her post, the actress acknowledged her action as a “lapse of judgment” on both sides, emphasizing that “backstage banter should be different from on-air interactions”.

“Guys, kalma. No need for such negative energy. Vice and I are fine. It was a lapse of judgment on both sides. At least we can move forward and be keyrfuul. Ganyan ang biriun backstage but syempre dapat iba pag on air,” wrote Anne.

She urged everyone to stay calm and embrace positivity, ending her post with a humorous touch with a reference to a popular fast food chain’s tagline she’s currently endorsing: “Gawin na lang #BidaAngSaya every day! HAHAHAHA!”

Vice responded to Anne’s X post, playfully commenting, “Ang kj mo! Ok yan para trending! Chozzz!!!”

He then clarified the situation, continuing, “But yes, it was a lapse of judgment. It was our usual ‘brandagulan’ moment na late nya narealize so nasabi nya ung tagline ng di nya namalayan.

“I apologized to her And pinagtawanan n[a] l[a]ng namin. Our sisterhood will always be Nice Ganda!”

Vice later admitted that he was to blame for the particular situation after a netizen mentioned him in an X post, pointing out the host’s supposed manner of “thinking before saying something”.

To this, the comedian responded, “No. At times I don’t think enough. Sa kagustuhan kong magpatawa bira ako ng bira kaya minsan sablay. Sometimes i hate myself. Pero ganun talaga sa comedy man o sa real life talagang hit and miss. And we’ll just have to try again.”

Vice went on to apologize to Anne in a separate post, “I put Anne in an uncomfortable situation. Wrong. Sorry.”

Despite ongoing criticisms against Vice, netizens appreciated his acknowledgment of the mistake.

Meanwhile, Anne earlier found solace and support after receiving a heartfelt message from the food chain she endorses.

The post affirmed that they are still “best friends”, emphasizing the love and appreciation they hold for the host.

“We 🫶 you, Anne! Best friends pa rin tayo! 🤣 #BEEdaAngSaya,” it read.

Anne expressed her gratitude and reciprocated the love in response to the post of her endorsed food chain.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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