‘May nanalo na’: Daniel Padilla’s ‘first-ever’ sports car sold to a Pampanga-based buyer


One of Daniel Padilla’s sports cars has been sold to a buyer based in Pampanga after being put up for sale for P6.5 million.

The actor has recently listed his sports car, a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, for sale through a trusted car dealership, F2A Cars.

According to F2A Cars’ Facebook post, the sports car said to have been acquired in 2016, comes complete with all necessary documents and is registered under Daniel’s name.

“FRESH CATCH! ??? Mainit init pa! Ko[ts]e ng Loyal! ?? Sportscar ni DANIEL PADILLA !?,” the caption read.

With a price tag of P6.5 million, the luxury vehicle has stirred interest in both automotive enthusiasts and fans alike.

F2A Cars also approached vlogger and collector, Boss Toyo, with an offer to market the sports car. In an episode of Pinoy Pawnstars, the dealer claimed that the C7 Corvette was Daniel’s “first-ever bought sports car”.

The vlog host initiated negotiations by proposing a starting bid of P5.5 million. When Boss Toyo inquired about Padilla’s decision to sell his sports car, the dealer replied, “Siguro boss, sawa na, retired na… pero yan ang kauna-unahang nabili niya.”

The offer eventually reached P5.8 million, falling short of the desired amount as confirmed by a representative from F2A Cars.

Boss Toyo expressed regret at not securing the purchase at the preferred price, emphasizing the desirability of the well-maintained vehicle.

A few days later, F2A Cars posted another update about Daniel’s car saying that it had found its new home owned by “Tito Paldo” from Angeles City.

“Guys ! May nanalo na ! ??? Tinapos na ni Tito Paldo ang laban sa Sportscar ni Daniel ! ???‼️Nag iisang Chevrolet Corvette ni Daniel [P]adilla ‼️,” read the car dealer’s caption.

It continued, “Nag iisa lang yan bro! Kaya sana ingatan and alagaan mo ??? Congratulations brother on your new sportscar. Enjoy & Drive safe ???”

According to a report by Pilipino Star Ngayon, sources close to the actor revealed that Padilla is reportedly “downsizing his collection”, as his garage is becoming “too cramped with multiple vehicles”.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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